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Undergraduate writer at work…in the Times!


We’ve advertised a number of events this fall sponsored by Harvard Writers at Work, a great lecture series that features members of the Harvard community talking about their writing. From the Harvard Writers at Work webpage:

Launched in 2009, the Harvard Writers at Work lecture series focuses on the ways that writing, by those at Harvard, connects academic and professional work and the broader public.  The events are primarily aimed at Harvard undergraduates, with a special interest in drawing freshmen in order to inspire them at the outset of their education to see, no matter what their concentration, that writing matters and that they can create a writing life while in college and in their future careers.  The series is co-sponsored by the Harvard Review, the Harvard Extension School, and the Program in General Education.

Today, we’d like to offer congratulations to an undergraduate who is already creating a distinguished writing life for herself.    In 2009, Charlotte Alter’s essay “Tense and Tension: The Past and Present in “Self-Reliance” was published in Exposé, the Harvard College Writing Program’s journal of exceptional student writing. Charlotte is now a senior at Harvard, and this weekend the New York Times published her essay, “Romance’s New Format.”   Congratulations, Charlotte!


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