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Attention freshmen fiction writers!


The Ecker Short Story Prize
for first-year students

Fall Term Deadline:

Monday, January 24, 2011 by 4:00 p.m.

The Ecker Short Story Prize honors a short story written by a Harvard freshman.  First-year students are eligible to submit stories for the Ecker Prize at either the fall or spring deadline (the spring deadline will be in May).  If a student submits a story in January and wants to submit an additional story in May, the submissions cannot total more than 25 pages.

Submissions will be accepted by email.  To enter, submit an original short story (or several stories) totaling no more than 25 pages to

Subject heading: Ecker Short Story Contest

Entry requirements:

~All submissions must be double-spaced

~All submissions must be submitted in Microsoft Word or a compatible program

~All submissions must be written in English

~Include a cover page on which your name, e-mail, Harvard address and phone number and expected summer phone number and summer address are clearly printed

~Don’t include your name anywhere else on the manuscript

 The winner will receive a generous award, with the possibility of online publication.

Questions? Contact Karen L. Heath at


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